Germany Soccer – A National Sport

Germany soccer is German’s favorite sport. They consider it as there national sport. It has been proven in the history of soccer that Germany is one of the earliest team who join since the existence of soccer. They are usually compared with Europe and up to now they are considered as rivals. Germany proved to the world that they are one of the best by proving their titles and achievements.

There team is their pride and joy. xem da bong tai German fans are full of passion and very lively as well. They treat soccer as Americans treat baseball. Germany soccer is indeed the most crowded and enjoyable sport for them. They have several players too that are well known and one of the best.

Germany has won the World Cup three times, in 1974 they hosted the event and in 1978 they gain victory against Mexico. Germany teams are also popular all over the world. The FC Bayern Munich and Schalke have gain numerous titles and participated mostly on international games.

Germany is very successful nowadays and has been accepting offers from sponsors like Adidas and other well known brands. Indeed they have made a mark to soccer world and is one of the most watched and adored team in football.

Germany has always the charisma and magical stuff that is offered for fans. Die hard fans and supporters all over the world are always there to support their team. As long as soccer will stay Germany will always there and keep their team stronger and will always raise their flag.

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