God Promised That The Religions of the Non-Spiritual Will Be Removed

Looking through the history of mankind there is an over whelming factor that has occupied man’s thinking more than anything else. It is the notion of becoming a god and rising into the heavens. To achieve it man has used magic and myth to replace facts while ordering a system whereby all must believe in what has been devised or forfeit the right to live in society. In extreme cases they may even lose the right to live.

This undeniable policy has shaped modern cultures and remains as a monument to ancient thinking and the rule of law. Confusion, terrorism, poverty, greed and fear cemented in place a psyche that prevents individuals from rising above it to find reality.

The gist of religious beliefs and doctrines is that with the aid of an acceptable god one will be saved. That is they will be redesigned as a sacred being able to live forever through the power of the redeemer. The trick was to produce Fornicação na Biblia that entity by way of an indisputable magical sign that holds true through concocted evidence. The result is power and control over entire populations.

Pre-historic images show this happened through the myriad of men who died on crosses to rise upwards with the sun at dawn into the celestial sphere. The imprint of such rituals could never be overturned. It was the beginning of the religions of the non-spiritual who went beyond the grave to establish a realm for the dead that cannot be disputed.

Through magic, sleight of hand, smoking mirrors, and images, including paintings, statues and other things, ideas related to a heavenly kingdom took shape and importance. Writing was the real bonus to the fake gods as it impacted more severely on the vulnerable.

The written prophecies given by the real Spirit to its people were incorporated but buried within the confusion and misguided principles of those who derive their power and living from fake gods. Only through my reincarnation and knowledge that heaven and hell are non-existent destinies for the non-spiritual and part of the trickery used by religions to get people in and keep them could my insight undo the lies by which they survive.

It’s like the king with no clothes. When people take a good look with open eyes to see that no such places exist then the fake gods and distorted views maintained because of them will be removed.

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